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About The Council


Administrative departments



Member Seats

In accordance with Guidelines of Local Legislative Organizations Article 6, there are 9 members in this council among 4 constituent districts proportional to the population respectively.

5 seats for Nangan  (District 1)
2 seats for Beigan  (District 2)
  1 seat for   Juguang (District 3)
1 seat for   Dongyin (District 4)

Speaker and Deputy Speaker

The council speaker and deputy speaker are decided by votes among fellow councilors respectively.

Council Sessions

‧Regular Sessions
The regular meeting session is scheduled every 6 months, convened by the speaker and lasting  30 days. For the scheduled meeting to review the annual total budget, if the council session has elapsed and there remain issues to be resolved or if necessary, the session may be lengthened by council resolution upon the request of the magistrate or not less than one-third the total number of councilors. The extended session shall not be longer than five days nor shall it be used for interpellation.

‧Extraordinary Sessions
Upon request of the magistrate, the speaker or more than one thirds of councilors, the speaker shall convene an extraordinary session within 10 days, which shall not exceed 5 days per session nor shall there be more than 6 extraordinary sessions in 12 months.

Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure


Deputy Speaker

Administrative Departments

Extraordinary Sessions

Regular Sessions

Secretary General

Personnel Administrator



office of general affairs

Session Procedures


The Examining Committee B

The Examining Committee A

Discipline Committee

Procedure Committee

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